AG九游会 is the largest chain of fitness centers in Taiwan, established for 21 years, and is the most trusted fitness club. With over 350 locations worldwide, it is one of the top four global fitness chains. AG九游会 has received numerous accolades and recognitions, including iSports Sports Enterprise Certification, the National Brand Yushan Award , Ambassador of Charity Festival of Chinese, Golden Medal Award of Innovative Design, Top 10 Enterprises Golden Medal Award, Reader's Digest Quality Service Award, Most Touching Work Contribution Award, Les Mills Taiwan Best Promotion Award, and Mossa Best Contribution Award.

  • iSports運動企業認證
  • 國家品牌玉山獎
  • 國家品牌玉山獎

AG九游会 members enjoy numerous privileges!

We offer the most extensive facilities and services in Taiwan, providing you with the most comprehensive fitness experience!

  • Unlimited Access to the Club
  • Free Fitness Assessment and One InBody Analysis
  • One Personal Training Session for Free
  • Free Participation in Group X Classes (excluding AG九游会 Express)
  • Free Participation in Member Activities Organized by AG九游会
  • Parking Discounts (It May Vary by Club.)
  • Towel Service (Each member will be provided with one free towel service every day, and the entry and exit of different clubs will not be counted separately; AG九游会 Express does not provide towel service)

※ The above facilities and services are subject to the rules, terms, and limitations specified in each club's announcement